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About PnA

PnA offers its services through PnA Beloningsmanagement BV (PnA Remuneration Management) which is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under no. 32103214, and PnA Financiële Diensten (PnA Financial Services) which is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under no. 32085369. There are no financial institutions that have a financial interest in PnA Financiële Diensten.
PnA Financiële Diensten is registered with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (the AFM) under no. 12020949. It is qualified to offer banking and insurance products.
PnA Financiële Diensten is affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal (Kifid) under registration no. 300.01.4293

The General Terms and Conditions of PnA apply to the services provided by PnA Beloningsmanagement. Available in Dutch and soon in English.

PnA staff

The day-to-day management of PnA is taken care of by Bart Lijdsman LL.M. Bart Lijdsman has worked in the communications industry for many years and was formerly a member of the municipal council of Amersfoort. He has also written a book, Dubbel Verdiend (Spectrum 2001, only available in Dutch). As an Employment Conditions Consultant for businesses, he is involved in collective bargaining negotiations and other. Bart Lijdsman developed the so-called levensloopkrediet (life-course savings credit), a banking product. At PnA, he is responsible for various internet projects. These projects gave birth to the digital leave card, as well as to the life-course administration programme. Bart Lijdsman - Dubbel Verdiend

PnA's adress:
Wiekenweg 56A
3815 KL Amersfoort
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 (0)33 - 455 44 50
Fax +31 (0) 33 - 455 50 06